Making a change in sim racing

Home to over 2,000 users, this Discord-driven community has taken the task to eliminate one of the growing costs involved in iRacing.

XCAL Racing League- Oxford 375

Roughly one year in the making, the Discord community known as the Edwards Setup Shop has grown tremendously in the recent months.

Home to several elite iRacing builders, this is a community built on a foundation of generosity, honesty, and fun. The resources found in the server have been outstanding tools to a number of drivers in the recent months.

Lone Star owner Brandon Roberts, leading the way

Alex Graetz specializing in Oval, Austin Edwards in Road, and Will Browne in the Dirt, combine for a great combination among iRacing’s main official series’- all driven to help you succeed.

Driver Nathan Soren scores a win at Martinsville

Despite being one of the service’s few sources for free builds, the shop has proven to be successful in their work- with over 10 lap records among different Oval series and countless race wins among all forms of the simulation.

“It’s been incredible to watch our work go to such great use for so many passionate sim racers. I know it is only bound to grow from here” – Austin Edwards, founder